Is there a list of support group meetings giving future dates and times. My husband has retired 2 look after me and is prepared to drive me

Is there a list of support group meetings giving future dates and times. I live in East Grinstead, West Sussex, so am fairly close to Surrey, Kent, Worthing and London. My husband has retired to look after me as my GCA/ PMR and now arteritis has become difficult to deal with for the past year and a half. I read this forum regularly and have learnt more on here than my GP or Rheumatologist have ever given me. This illness is indeed a long journey and this forum has given me so much encouragement and tips that I am so truly grateful. My husband said that he is prepared to drive me to some of the meetings so that I can meet some of you wonderful brave folk! Bless you all and I hope that each and everyone of you will get better with each day. On some of my darkest days you have given me hope and saved my sanity for this I THANK YOU so much. Sincerely - Healthhopes

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  • What shame you didn't ask a few days ago - Celtic on here runs a very active support group in Chertsey and they met on Tuesday!

  • Thank you PMR/PRO for responding - Soooooh disappointed I missed meeting. Hopefully Celtic will let me know when next meeting is. Kind regards - Healthhopes.

  • Healthhopes - I did reply to an enquiry from you which arrived into my email inbox a couple of days ago on an unusual route. Have you checked for messages by clicking on your name in the green banner at the top of this page - you might find it there.? What a shame that you have just missed the meeting but thanks to Eileen and Polkadot you now have information about our groups and if you'd like to send me a personal message with your email address I will, of course, send you all information about the Surrey Group, the next meeting being on Wednesday, 15th October starting at 1.30pm. Bear with me if I don't reply immediately as we are shortly off the Heathrow coach station to pick up my elderly aunt who will be with me for the next week.

  • We are probably the closest to you, based near Worthing. We have regular meetings but unfortunately you have just missed our August one. Those in Kent may be even easier to reach, will try to find out when the next one is and let you know.

  • Thank you Polkadot I also appreciate your quick response and look forward to knowing when your next meeting is or any others that you may feel are closer to me. Blessings on all and may the sun shine on us all today! Healthhopes.

  • Go to either PMRGCAuk website or or the website for PMR&GCA Northeast Support ( and look under support groups for location, dates and times of meetings.

  • Thank you Sambucca for your help on Support Groups. Kind Regards, Healthhopes. x

  • Hello Healthhopes

    I live in West Sussex too and I've sent you a private message.


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