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Double base V Diprobase

I asked my doctor for Doublebase cream or gel having read about it on here.Having problems with thinning skin particularly on legs have ben told by hospital I must be very careful.I should have received it by now checked and they have had prescripyion but no sign so farof product. Doctor has prescribed Diprobase and ? chemist say they are having problems getting it. Which do you recommend

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They are basically the same. There is no active ingredient, they are just emollient barrier creams. Here's a link to the website:

Boots stock it - and you can also order it online from them if you have a prescription. Why not ask at a Boots (not something I'd normally suggest since they are a perfect example of rip-off Britain IMHO) or check with other chemists. You can get it OTC - but of course you have to pay.


Take your prescription back and get if filled out at Boots.


I use Diprobase. Have used it for years. I found taking flax seed oil or called linseed oil has helped thin skin a lot I.e. Feeding the skin from the inside.

I put a tablespoon on porridge for breakfast after it is cooked with a teaspoon of honey. Look on internet for supplier in Horsham , West Sussex. Use it on salad too mixed with balsamic vinegar. the blood spots have ceased. They would sometimes burst...blood everywhere!


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