Had mine on 8th April.. still not had results yet....!! Around the site where it took place i am numb above and below the ear going into my face.. is this usual after 4 weeks?? Is it the steroids that make it longer to heal? I was on 60mgs but now reduced to 45mg's ..Just wondering if anyone else suffers from the numbness?? will it go ?? no health person told me about this.... :(

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The Prednisolone does slow healing. My biopsy scar took 3 months to heal, 2 weeks after the biopsy the scar burst open at one end and the other end kept forming a small abscess. I didn't have problem with numbness but was warned it is a potential complication of the procedure. Hope it settles soon. Your GP should have a copy of the result for you, if you don't have a a Rheumatology appointment soon. I'm assuming that as your already on high dose Pred they are pretty certain you have GCA so biopsy even if negative will probably not affect treatment. Regards Runrig x


Hi.... I was at docs yesterday... They don't have them either, I have asked them to chase it up... A tad angry that no health person told me about possible numbness...


Saw the Opthamolgist last night as newly diagnosed and all I have read about the biopsy says it can be in conclusive and doesn't effect the treatment anyway if the clinical picture is suggesting GLA. So seeing him as a private patient with GP husband and lawyer daughter in toe I needed to be persuaded it was necessary. I asked all the questions about numbness and facial palsy. He said he had done 20 a year for five years and had never had a problem. He said if there was a problem with the facial nerve it would be minimal and would only be temperory. So on what I have been told yours should just go.

Hope this helps


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