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Temporal artery biopsy


Hi, so I had my biopsy done just this past Tuesday. The surgeon said he had to go deep to find my artery, has anyone heard that before? Also while he was oerforming the biopsy, I could feel blood running down my neck and into my ear, he had to blot and wipe a lot. Mentioned that he needed more clamps because I had a lot of branches, and also said I think I heard right he could see inflammation? Is it possible for them to be able to see inflammation without a microscope? The freezing kind of ran out a bit part way through, so I started to feel things, and surprisingly said calming aw, I think I need more freezing cause I am feeling things. Anyways now just waiting for results.

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Well done Misaryk that sounds scary and you sound brave. Good luck with the results. I don't know the answer to your question but just wrote to wish you well.🌹

thank you for the well wishes! : )

PolywotsitPMRGCAuk team member in reply to misaryk

Sounds awful for you. If there are giant cells present it could be visible to the naked eye as a swelling. This can be partly the thickening caused by the inflammation and partly the restriction of blood flow. Sometimes if the artery is on the surface it can be seen through the skin.

misaryk in reply to Polywotsit

Thank you for replying, I am pretty sure I heard him say that there was inflammation and oh the artery is quite narrow. I don't know if it being narrow means anything or not. I was nervous about not getting enough freezing, and then it happened, that's why I was hoping for some sedation. Surprisingly some how I stayed calm and just said hey I think I need more freezing. It seemed like it took forever, I was wondering if it was normal to feel blood running down your neck and into your ear, with lots of wiping and blotting? I was getting a little concerned.

I bled quite a lot on mine felt the blood running this is because of the freezing feels strange but is ok

misaryk in reply to olive2709

ok good to hear thanks for putting my mind at ease : )


I had a negative biopsy done a long time ago. I did not have blood running down my neck as he used a carterizing tool which smelt awful when he burned the leaks .... Eweeeee! When he first cut me it was the strangest sound.

Well the results were negative and he put me on a prednisone therapy for two weeks. I don't remember much of that time except the right sided headache.

Now years later I have full blown GCA and PMR. I did not have a biopsy this time as I had all the classic symptoms. The biopsy is iffy as you could have giant cells but not in the temperal artery. Labs could be normal or not that bad. You have to go on symptoms and what is happening to you.

Blessings n a hug


misaryk in reply to Hidden

Thank for replying in a weird way I hope it is not all for not. I do have a lot of the symptoms but my blood work was normal. I still feel awful as they have me reducing the prednisone currently at 7.5 mg and my body isn't liking it much. 😕 Sorry to hear that you have full blown GCA and PMR.


7 mgs is where I went into flare and had to go all the way back to 20mg to get it back under control. This last few weeks for however long it took I went from 20 to 17.5 on the slow down method. So far so good I have 2 more doses of 20 before I am at 17.5 completely.

Last time going from 20 to 17.5 not on slow method the first two weeks of 17.5 I had a lot of break thru pain. Then the last two weeks it was ok. This routine of two weeks break thru pain continued for each dose I dropped.

This time will do all the rest on the slow down method.

I do understand the need to have a doctor confirm what is going on. It is so frustrating knowing something is wrong but all tests come up negative.

Good luck and God bless


Thank you Lin I hope you can get yours under control and start feeling better yourself! I know my GP and Rheumy both are on the doubting side of me having GCA because I am 50. But I have seen on here many people in their 40's and some even younger having confirmed cases. It is so frustrating you are right, basically researching things yourself. Until a month ago I never even heard of these diseases. It was my optomitrist that mentioned the possibility to my GP of temporal arteritist or polymyalgia. That's how this all got started. Hope your evening is as good as it can be! 😊

Hi . Just to let you know I had an artery biopsy also. Not at all pleasant for me. Mine came back negative. However I was still diagnosed with GCA and PMR at age 49. I had all the symptoms and raised ESR and CRP bloods.

misaryk in reply to 11caroline29

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience too! I ask for a sedative as I don't like hearing things near my face, but nope. Why the heck did they make you go through that when your bloodwork was raised and you had all the symptoms?

misaryk in reply to misaryk

That would make so much sense! But I am guessing more expensive, that's probably why at least for here in Canada.

PolywotsitPMRGCAuk team member

I would love to see these biopsies become a thing of the past and replaced by reliable ultrasound and IL-6 testing. Biopsies are too invasive and too hit and miss in my opinion.

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