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Re Tizanidine and GCA

Hi everyone, I looked at the studies at the NIH for GCA. There is a new one.



from the text:

"These cytokines activate macrophages, giant cells and vascular smooth muscle cells, thus inducing vascular remodelling which leads to the ischaemic manifestations of GCA. Macrophages infiltrating the adventitia produce IL-1β and IL-6, which are responsible for the general symptoms encountered in GCA."

Vascular ischemia, I believe was also referred to in the paper on tizanidine.

I worked in the legal field, also medical malpractice, with some medical work, but I am not a health professional.

But, vascular ischemia as a problem of GCA and as something tizanidine helps, may be valuable for us, one would think.

The prednisone deals with the enlarged macrophages, t cells and other cellular changes, I would think.

Will present both to my doctor today.

The tizanidine apparently does not deal with the serious effects of enlarged macrophages, the t cells, il 6 or any of those. But vascular ischemia also plays a part -- -- . will see.

all my best, Whittlesey

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