Hi everyone I have had a water infection recently for which the GP gave me antibios. The Gp has confirmed this morning that the infection has gone but I still feel tired spaced out and a bit giddy. I am currently on 5 mg pred and have had PMR for 3 years, I am supposed to be reducing the pred but don't feel that I should. I am not in any pain anywhere but did I ought to increase the dose till I feel less tired. Wendy

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  • Hi kingharold11. Unfortunately, although sometimes necessary, antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut as well as those causing infection. This can weaken your natural defences and leave you feeling tired. Increasing the pred. will not help your immune system recover but eating plenty of live yoghourt or a live bacteria supplement (probiotic) such as acidophilus capsules for a couple of weeks can help replace the lost 'good' bacteria. I hope you can get plenty of rest too. All the best, badgergirl.

  • thanks for your help will let you know how I go on

  • Hello Kingharold 11 sorry you are still having a bad time .. You describe how I have been for nearly 7 weeks now.. I too went through the water infection and antibiotics and a Flare/ virus and now I appear to have an absyss on a tooth but can't get in with my Dentist until Tuesday pm .I just want to crawl on the bed and rest and everyone else is buzzing around me.. Other half Decorating , place in a mess.I just want to be left alone. Thank you Badgergirl for the name of the live Capsules ..I eat Activia yoghurts but maybe the live capsules is what we need.. Soo tired I'm off to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day. Take care and I hope you feel better soon and you can enjoy a Happy Easter best wishes Trish 29

  • HI Trish sorry you are feeling like what I do(as ernie wise used to say) think I will try the capsules too Wendy

  • I wouldn't recommend reducing until you feel better - if you have trouble with the reduction you won't know which is which. As for going back up - if you got through being ill without going back up you should be OK now - but REST! You've been ill!

  • thanks PMRpro will try to take your advice

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