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I had a cataract op on Mon and still feel seasick with very different sight in my eyes. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it settle?

I was diagnosed with PMR last May and am now on 9mg Pred having reduced from 12.5 since Christmas. The cataracts seem to have developed very quickly while I have been on steroids. The seasick feeling plus nausea when I move is making me worry that I could be developing GCA or is it just the operation?

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Please go and see your Dr. ASAP


go to for info on cataracts


Sorry. I may have given you the wrong info.

I remember getting the info for my aunt, when I googled " What to expect after a cataract operation " however i just tried the site and it wan't the right one.

apologies., bowler


I haven't had a cataract done but when my mother-in-law had hers done she was like that at first and although the eye surgeon said she should be fine without glasses she eventually got specs because she couldn't get used to the difference between the two eyes when she was moving about.

Each of your eyes "sees" a very slightly different image - it's a bit like the 3D cinema. What each eye is seeing is sent to the brain and the brain makes sense of the signals it gets. It takes a bit of time for it to get used to a change, even new glasses sometimes take a few days to get used to - and you have had a big change now the cataract has been removed. I assume you have only had one done at a time? It will probably be better after the second if you need that done too but it may be you either need a bit longer to get used to it or you may be like my MIL.

I wore contact lenses for years and had lenses so that one eye that saw near stuff well and the other saw far away stuff well - so I didn't need reading and distance glasses. I never had much bother getting used to it - but it was most peculiar if the optician changed the prescription of one until my brain got used to it.

There was obviously nothing wrong on Monday - and if there had been any problem with the blood supply to the optic nerve for any reason including GCA they would have seen.

Hope it improves soon but if it doesn't, call your doctor. If you are really worried you could call 111 as it is the weekend. Did the eye surgeon give you a contact number at the hospital?


Thanks that's really helpful, especially knowing that they would have seen any problem on Monday. Both eyes were very short sighted and now the new one is -2.5 and the other -8 or 9 and rather blurry from the second cataract. My brain must be reeling. Unfortunately the follow up appointment isn't till May and then I will need to wait until after that for the next op. May see if my GP can hurry things along as sitting still wont help the bone density which is not too good. Thanks again.


Yes, annihami's right - I gulped when I read the difference in prescription just now! I took a few days to adjust fully to -5.5 and -2.5 with contacts! I think it is difficult to hurry with the specs because the eye takes a while to settle down after the surgery but if there is no surgical problem maybe they can do the other eye a bit sooner and "balance you out"!

I just found this on a Cleveland Clinic medical chat website:

"bklyn: My concern is the unbalanced vision between the first operation and the second one. What remedies are available for the interim to be able to read, computer use, driving, etc?

Dr_Vedula: One option is to wear a contact lens between surgeries."

They also mention 3 weeks between surgeries and another site from a company in the USA doing cataract ops also mentioned 2 to 3 weeks so it might be worth your GP enquiring if it could be brought forward since you are feeling so nauseated.


Hello. While I cant comment on any complications. Generally after cat op, after six weeks have elapsed, you can see an optometrist, who will reassess your vision and change your prescription. (Having one lens replaced, until your other eye is fixed). PMRPro Volunteer hit the nail on the head! The brain takes time to adjust and both eyes work together. So it does prove difficult. Your prescription differs a lot in each eye too. (I work in Optics - very low in the foodchain)! Best wishes.


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