First Anniversary

This is a very important date for me as it's the anniversary of my 5th knee operation last year. Booked unfit for duty ... met a new friend Polymyalgia Rheumatica ... and didn't get back to full time work until this January! What a mountain I've climbed from 20mg down to 4mg Pred, unable to get out of bed unaided and in a wheelchair, 7 months off work ... and the rest is history. We still managed to raise over £8,000 for charity of which £2,000+ was donated to PMR-GCA NE Support Group. Now back running and swimming with many dreams to look forward to. A massive, massive thank you to all my mad friends for helping me get through one hell of a weird and wonderful year. Invenium Vium aut Facium :-)

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  • Well done John, congratulations!

  • Well done John, I am so pleased for you and long may you continue in good health and keep the spirit up for all your fund raising. Bless you.

    All good wishes

    Tomasina x

  • Great! Well done John. Live your dreams!

    Ann x

  • Well done John! You're an inspiration!

  • Skinnyjonny, what a great contribution to the Support Group.....may you have many years of running and swimming....Carris

  • Thanks for all your support guys. The best thing about having PMR is that you meet some wonderful people and I'll continue to do what I can to raise the profile and awareness of this very unusual and little known condition. I have a few ideas up my sleeve ... or should I say "running vest and mountaineering duvet jacket!"

  • Congratulations, John. And thank you for your good work in fund raising. glad to hear that you are swimming and running again. good news ! all my best, Whittlesey

  • Well done on all your hard work on this journey! Brilliant recovery, so happy for you x

  • Great attitude John!

  • Well done John! You really are an inspiration! x

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