whole rib /chest ache,pain when sitting back in chair, fatigue,generally feeling unwell. Dont want to go back ,comments appreciated

July'12,PMR,20mg,3 sessions to reduce-too fast.Since Mar. when at 20mg have been reducing at 1/2mg 2weeks,only gen.OK but had 2sessions-1/2 mg month.Now at 16mg,just OK,but from 11th day to 17th day,whole rib/chest ache,ankles/wrists swollen,fatigue,very unwell,but feel good when swim.10 min,smooth crawl,2xwk.Trying a little pain killers,relutant to go back in dosage but would appreciate comment-I am on my own re Rhmy/Doc,send update detail to Doc,when repeat prescription,but no comment,John 77yrs

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  • John, I think you really need to go and see your doctor rather than send him notes (although they will make sure he has up to date information about you) if only to rule out something else going on. At 16mg of Pred but with severe pain - well, just needs to be sorted properly.

    While I have had rib-cage pain with PMR - and I know others do as well - this isn't generally as your description, particularly with pain and swelling of extremities. Do get to see him as soon as you can, if it does mean going back to the higher dose of Pred, it's quite possible that you would be able to reduce more quickly than you have done previously. Do let us know what happens.

  • Polkdotcom.Have blood test results and all OK (esr 2) except thyroid low,Dr increasing from 175mcg to 200mcg.Rib cage pain alost gone bit of an ache now and again.pain though inside/outside thighs on rising but goes.Blood pressure low at 86 over 68 at 74pr,normal for me is 120/70at 55,Dr considers increase in Thyroxine will help but to report back .She also counsels me from time to time ,just checking she says.Will be seeing how things go and will reduce pred at 1/2 mg/2wk.back to swimming 2xwk,but in the meantime my Dear wife is in hosp. having her knee done which is going well.

  • So glad that you are now being looked after and monitored frequently and that you will be getting back to swimming again. That's something I can't do as I'm allergic to chlorine, so your exercise amounts to a lot more than I can do!

    I do hope your wife's knee operation goes well, these days they seem to be a very routine item which is good as I am down for a minor knee op myself.

    Regards and best wishes.

  • Thank you Polkadotcom,for the advice,the reason I send detail to Doc is to keep her at least informed ,it gives me self support,especially as Rhmy initially took no interest,also I am the well oldest in the Doc,s practice where I get excellent service.but no good in my case without the invaluable advice,knowledgeand support from PMRGAUK,thank you.Will go and see the Doc.Regards , John

  • Hi John

    I echo the advice that Polkadot has given you - perhaps when you see your GP you can ask for referral to a different rheumatologist for a second opinion. Meanwhile, it's good to hear that at least you have some relief when swimming.

  • Hi Celtic,thank you, will be speaking to Dr when she calls me forward with blood test results. John

  • I have had the same problems. With ref to back/ribs, I was given by Dr some Fendelene jel which really is very good for the pain. On prescription only. I tried bringing my medication down from 10pg A slow reduction, but the pain became so bad, went back up to 10mg per day, which took the pain away. Struggling with weight/breathing feeling unwell, but needed to get rid of the pains

  • Have seen Dr,blood tests-B12,Bone Prof.,electro kidney,esr,blood count,glucose,liver,thyroid-on175mg at moment,having reduced when starting Pred,Urea and VitD.

    thanks estherdevers will bear in mind Fendelene jel. John

  • John, sorry, I am feeling particularly dim today - do you mean that you are taking 175mg of Thyroxine a day? And that all the other results were ok?

  • polkadotcom,well spotted!.Sorry, I wrote that before I realised- its the Pred you know,also with the Thyroxine dose it is 175 (mcg not mg) I have not had any results yet.Your contact put a smile on my face if not for the wrong reason.but needed at the moment.Thank you John

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