osteoporosis long term scenario

I had a dexa scan and was then informed there was evidence of osteoporosis in my spine and femour neck. Since then \i have tried to find out first from my GP and then from the consultant rheumitologist what the long term scenario is. my GP is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, and I have been waiting 1 and a half days for the consultant to ring me back. I am aware that there is a scale which tells you how bad it is but can't find out where I am. I don't have any pain in my back so far!!!! but I do in my thigh but I have had that ever since I last took alendronic acid. Wendy

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  • Wendy

    Firstly, if it was me, I would be asking exactly what my DEXA reading was, either from the hospital consultant or the GP, whoever referred you for the DEXA. A normal DEXA T Score should read -1 or above; the Osteopenia range is below -1 to -2.5; the Osteoporosis range is lower than -2.5. If you come under the latter and need treatment, then there are non-bisphosphonate drugs available.

  • just spoken to the consultant she has answered most of my questions in that as long as i take medication for it it won't get any worse. what are the non-bisphosphonate drugs

  • Wendy

    I haven't had experience of either bisphosphanates or non-bisphosphanates - perhaps someone else may post with their experience with a non-bisphosphanate. This is really something that your consultant should be able to advise on.

  • Wendy, you could check out Strontium Ranelate and Calcitonin.

  • Don't want to alarm you BUT spontaneous fracture of the femur is a known side effect of AA. I would get this checked out asap. If in doubt Google.

  • already have consultant and GP told me it was that or degenerative osteoporosis

  • Have you had an x ray to check if there is a fracture ? I have OP in spine and hips, but decided not to go down the AA route for various reasons

    Wishing you well

  • what are you taking instead. I have only had a dexa scan so far thanks for replying

  • I have various medical "problems" which means even if I wanted to I couldn't take the top 2 usually prescribed drugs. When offered AA I Googled "AA and Lawsuits" and was astounded by the number of people who had developed osteonecrosis and spontaneous femur fractures. So I am just taking Calcichews and eating healthy.walking. I would definitely request an x ray, especially as the Dr has suggested it could be a fracture Take care

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