I have WG & one of my conditions & probably the most distressing is the vasculitis has affected the optic nerves of both eyes which has

left me with blind spots. When I read I miss lines & have to keep back tracking. If I am walking I find it difficult to judge steps ,slopes & bang into doorways etc. My eyes have been stable for my last three appointments is their any hope of more improvement ? Has anybody some experience to share , any advice. I've searched the internet with little success.

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Footlady, not sure where you should be but this is the forum for patients with PMR or GCA. I've been unable to trace any condition with the acronym WG, if you tell me what you are looking for perhaps I can help


Hi Footlady

I'm sorry to hear of your problems suffering with WG. As polkadot has said we're sufferers of a different autoimmune condition, PMR/GCA, on this forum. Have you looked at the Patients Experience website as they do have a forum for Wegener's Granulomatosis - you can find it at Good luck.


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