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Is it old age or is it PMR?

I know that there's a tendency to attribute all aches and pains to PMR, and I certainly had a few before its onset, but I never had this tendonitis. My Achilles tendons are swollen and sore. A couple of shopping trips with my 21-year-old granddaughter left me in quite a lot of pain and I had to spend the rest of the day watching tennis - what a sacrifice! I am on 2mg of pred and the doctor says that I'm to stay on this dose until I feel ready to reduce again. I'm still getting a bit of pain across my shoulders and down my upper arms, especially in the mornings, though my lower back is much more bearable than it was - that's the silver lining.

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Tendonitis does seem to have come in tandem with PMR/steroids for me. My Achilles tendons are so badly inflamed that I am completely unable to wear any shoes with backs or straps around the back, it's just too painful. This has been ongoing for about 10 years now.

I did have some ultrasound on them last year and I got some temporary relief but still not enough to get some shoes on, so I am permanently stuck in mules and clogs. I hate socks anyway so I do get some funny looks in the winter! I found one pair of boots last year which have a higher back seam and I can wear those if it gets really cold.

I have problems with the tendons in my elbows too, but in the great scheme of things they do not really present a problem with day-to-day life.


Mine haven't reached that stage yet, polkadot. Around the house I wear my Crocs which, as well as being backless, also absorb the impact of walking. I can wear them as far as the corner shop and don't get too many funny looks. I have bought some gel heel pads for ordinary shoes and they do help a bit - best not to wear flats, I find.


I buy a certain brand of footwear which is anatomically correct and which has super cushioning for feet. I couldn't wear crocs - I haven't found any in my size (2) and although I tried a 3 they are not wide enough at the toe to allow for my very strange right foot which is exceptionally wide. These I wear are made of very soft leather and are stretchable enough to 'give' to my foot as I put a new pair on. No agonising 'breaking in'.

Oh dear, this started out as a straightforward comment about Tendonitis and now it's wandered into the really foreign land of my peculiar feet! Sorry!


I'm another one who has problems with achillies tendons, foot spurs and bursitis. My Rheumy ruled out PMR as a direct cause but I think it may be an indirect cause. When the large muscles in our legs and hips hurt we walk differently and this must have an impact of some sort. My tendon problems got very bad when I dropped to 2mg from 4mg. I'm now back up to 4mg, I think the cortisone either helps or masks the symptoms. I have been given inserts for my shoes by a podiatrist and they are helping a lot. I also do calf stretches but have to be careful no to overdo them otherwise I'm back to square one. There is a lot of information on the net about tendonitis but I have found that the shoe inserts which support the arches of my feet have helped the most.


Orthotic hospital are way forward .They take imprint of feet and one gets a good examination too,and then prescribe treatment.Good luck and blessings.S.


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