Princess Alexandra and PMR

Princess Alexandra and PMR

I guess most of us are old enough (young enough) to remember when Princess Alex was a great society beauty as well as a bastion of the Royal Family. She is still stunning of course, but now she has PMR to contend with. Today is one of those red letter days when the press sits up and notices PMR and GCA. The Mail on Sunday is running a piece today on HRH's illness:

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  • Princess Alex was always one of my favourite royals, always so elegant. Shame she has this, do hope she gets improvement quickly.

  • One of my favourite Royals too. She hasn't been well for some months and PMR was hinted at a couple of months ago so I guess she's been on steroids for a while now - I do hope she's responding well to them.

    Kate - perhaps a letter of support from the Charity to her office might be most welcome?

  • Lovely lady, lets hope her PMR journey is uncomplicated and that she gets the right advice and treatment . I think it's a lovely idea for the Charity to contact her. No matter who you are it us great to know you are not alone.

  • I remember watching her wedding to Angus Ogilvie on TV. She was the most elegant of royal brides. Yes. Kate, I agree with the idea of sending her a letter of support and friendship. You can sometimes feel that you are alone with this illness until you encounter this forum and realise you aren't.

  • Hello Kate .Princess Alexandra has alway's been a hard working ,lovely elegant lady and I wish her well. Let's hope the PMR doesn't get too severe. Please send her a letter with all our support. I hope she gets well soon. I agree with what annodomini says that on your bad day's you can feel so alone.I he her treatment goes well. trish29

  • Hi Kate this is my second attempt as I have a bad Pmr day .as I stated before Princess Alexandra is a lovely lady and doesn't deserve this awful condition. Please send her office a letter wishing her well. I do agree with what annodomini says as you do feel so alone on your bad days . I hope her treatment goes well and the PMR doesn't get too severe trish29

  • Yes lovely lady and even being a royal with this could be isolating. Please send a letter and perhaps she would like to read the forum and not feel so alone struggling each day.

  • I was thinking of writing her a letter myself but think it a much better idea for PMRGCAUK to write with all our very good wishes

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