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recent diagnosis PMA

hi every body out there diagnosed 7 days ago with PMA gp put me on 15mg pred ach es have stopped but fuzzy head still persists with blurry left eye & temple aches. is this typical of what I can expect with this ailment. Have suffered with this for two years temple headaches & vision problems any advice would be greatly appreciated best wishes to all tp7 alan

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Alan, welcome here even if it's not the place you would like to be! Those symptoms of yours are more like GCA than PMR and I don't think 15mg is controlling it. You need to be referred to a rheumatologist fast so talk to your GP asap. If those symptoms worsen in the meantime then go to your nearest A & E dept. Tell them suspected GCA and hopefully they will know that means an emergency.

If you have the means, print out the guidelines both for PMR and GCA and take them to your doctor. I hate to see anyone being put at risk to their sight. Once vision is gone, it's gone.


many thanks for your reply I take on board your advice & will be in touch in due course through these pages kind regards tp7 alan


Hi Alan

If you would like to have more information, you can find leaflets and the British Society of Rheumatologists guidelines in the Resources section of our website And you can send an email to with your address and we'll send an information pack through the post.




thanks kate for your reply i will be in touch through these pages kind regards alan tp7


Hi, totally agree with above. Sounds like GCA not PMR. So important to get diagnosed quickly particularly if your sight is affected. Not worth the risk of losing your sight. Make sure they take you seriously!

Once you have been diagnosed and are put on the correct medication, your sight is safe!

All the best.


hi narducci thanks for your reply, just had more blood tests & consultations with opthalmologists and they seem to think it is not gca, they seem to think it is some other none related ailment. I was diagnosed with pmr by way of blood tests & symptoms and they said my blood values were about normal after taking 15mg pred for 10 days. they are referring me to a neurologist for further advice.the pred cleared the aches in my shoulders,arms,hips & thighs so I have made some progress. I also have parkinsons which may have something to do with it. I will keep you posted through these pages kind regards


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