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Trish 29 on PMR. Flare-up

Hi to any Pmr/GCA bloggers out there!! Re PMR-Flare-ups

trish29 here and I have spent most of the morning catching up on other bloggers questions. I had a bad PMR flare up last Friday night and spent most of the next day in bed resting and I see that missrat, was one blogger that was having the same Fatigue problems. It would appear that we are on about the same dose of prednisolone although I can't cope with the 12.05 mg steroid alternate days(I do 14.05 on alternate days) but my energy levels are zilch). I have had PMR for nearly 8 years now and didn't expect these flare-ups as my last one was in January. I haven't been to my GP as I know he will tell me to go up on the steroids, I desperately need to see a Rheumatologist which I am waiting for and I know I need lots of new tests done . I am wondering if missrat,and any other PMR sufferers are coping on about 15mg steroid and keeping Fatigue at a minimum? This attack has made me feel really low and I don't seem to be able to pick up or pull myself together as some people think you should do!! I would be glad of any advice. Trish 29

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Sorry having bad time ,sounds you need to see Dr or speak to Rheumatologist on quite high predisolone bless you far two young to have PMR .HOPE BETTER SOON


Hi Thank you for your kind message. It's Trish 29 , I've had a nice rest and feel a bit better . I don't have a rheumatologist at the moment , I am waiting to see somebody new who may be able to help me get off these steroids. I've never been able to get completely into remission and I was told by a previous Rheumy a year or two ago that I may have to stay around the 0.05mg prednisolone dose for the rest of my life. I know there are new medications out there and maybe I will get lucky and rid myself of this horrible PMR. I think my GP will just up the steroids and wait for the flare-up to settle. Best wishes trish29


Have you been given an appointment with the Rheumatologist? If not and you are sure you have been referred, can you contact the hospital/department involved to see if they can push things along a bit?

If you are still under the care of your doctor, s/he really does need to know that you are feeling miserably low. Possibly they can help you hurry the hospital appointment and you can tell him that you are reluctant to raise your steroid dose, they can't shoot you for it!

Fatigue is always such a problem, it hits when it pleases and all you can do is try to pace yourself - even if that means 'giving in' and resting. I don't look at it as giving in, I am 'managing' my symptoms to the best of my ability and if that means an afternoon nap, then so be it. They can't shoot you for that either!


Hello Polkadotcom and the two Watson's , Trish 29 saying thank you for your reply's and support. I telephoned my GP this evening and it seems that I have picked up a viral infection on top of everything else and that is why the exhaustion is more than usual. I need plenty of fluids and plenty of rest, so hopefully I will be a lot better in a few days. Hopefully my GP will chase up my new Rheumy Appointment . I'm pleased Polkadotcom that you get your afternoon nap! I wouldn't get through the day without mine.. I'm always apologising for what I have got and PMR hides itself and then bites back with a vengeance best wishes. trish29


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