Almost time!

Well it's getting nearer, I was diagnosed in 1988 with ADPKD (inherited from my mother, god bless her) and I have just had my latest blood results and my function has now dropped to 16%. I did wonder if something had changed, the more frequent visits to the toilet (night and day), the feeling sick and more tied than normal. Appointment with the consultant on 11th so we will see what they have to say. Scary times ahead me thinks!

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  • i dont want to scare u but i had my bloodtest as i do every 3months my nurse told me when i get to 20% i will have to go on dialasis i have the worse version it spead to my liver 4 out of 5 of my kids have it and 2 grankids my mum dad and there parents havent got it we have muletated version

  • Hi ladyt62 thanks for your message.

    Like you it runs right through my family, Grandmother (we think) Mother (died of from it) my two sisters, my two sons and my two nephews, my niece has yet to be tested. I went to my appointment on the 11th of Jan and no still no dialysis they are saying probably not for another year.... more waiting, more feeling crap! Not sure where you are but here in Somerset they seem to be doing things different. I liver is doing something but not sure if its on that too, but my youngest has it on his liver as well as does one of my sisters.

  • i live in peterborough i had check up lasted wk go on 27th feb for results i also suffer from c.o.p.d and arthritus in back neck hands deppression fibromalgia anxity &panick attacks

  • i really aint hungery just dont want to eat feel sick got bad head do u get like that and my lower bk kills have trouble getti.g up and walking i get my results tomoro i had routine check at gp had to go bk to see nurses but she madr me an emergency appiontment to go bk tomoro monday cos things aint gud with my kidneus liver and thyriods

  • How r u feeling now i spoke to u a yr ago I've now got creatine in my blood got to have monthly blood test in getting really scared now

  • You should not be scared. Change your diet to an alkaline and vegetarian diet and you will see huge improvements. Our diets is the key to how to handle this disease, which is very sensitive to an acidic diet.

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