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Follow up question on test


Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well. I have a follow up question. I had a kidney gene panel done. More because one of my sons is starting a family it was called a Renasight kidney gene panel. The results came back negative for pkd mutations. But a have a few cysts on my kidney and liver. My nephrologist seems to say this rules out pkd ( no other family member as far as I know has it) my son does have Alaopechia. Is anyone familiar with this test and is it reliable. Quick recap. I’m 55 male. In 2019 I had a cr that showed bilateral parapelvic cysts an a 3mm cyst on my left kidney and a 7 mm on my right also showed benign liver cysts. Kidneys are normal size 10.9 cm and 11.0 cm. Follow up US show no change in size or number of cysts from 2019-2021. I decided to have the kidney gene panel done for my son to know before starting a family.Thank you and Gob bless.

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