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Doctor Visit Today

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I like so many of us chronically ill persons suffer with depression and anxiety, I have been trying to deal with minds without meds but that is not working. Today I am I have an appointment with my PCP, I also have some concerns about how I have to place myself to sleep. I have noticed that when I lay flat my nose gets stuffed up so i now have to keep my head elevated.

I hope to get some answers today or soon.

Hoping for painfree and comfortable days for all🤗🤗

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Good Luck with you PCP I’m sure they’ll be of some help👍🏻


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Same here, I hate pills so I try to manage anxiety and depression without medication but it is very hard. Just taking life one hour at a time for now, I am down to 10% function, so dialysis is around the corner, and therefore anxiety is at an all time high. I use medical marijuana to help me sleep and it helps with the anxiety as it lets my mind rest for the most part. My social worker suggested a daily meditative practice to hopefully avoid needing pills for my anxiety. It’s hard to focus and concentrate for any length of time but I think it’s a good idea at this point. I wish you well.

I tried meditation but it didn't really work for me. I do hope I TV works for you.

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