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hi my name is dominique greenidge and i wanted to know would i get pkd , my mom had got it after she had me, what does tgat mean for me

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Hi Dominique. PKD is a genetic disease which means it runs in families. If your mom has PKD then there is a 50% chance that you will develop PKD as well. That means there is also a 50% chance that you won't get it! Generally, it doesn't tend to affect people until their 30s at the least. I only discovered that I had it at 35, and by accident. With all the research that is being done into PKD, there is a good chance that new treatments will come out to manage our kidneys. So don't despair, and enjoy life without too much stress!

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Hi Dominique. People who inherit PKD directly from a parent are born with the mutated gene. However, parents may not know at the time that one of them has PKD.

This sounds like your situation. Your mum was diagnosed after you were born but she has also been carrying PKD since her birth.


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