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Puzzled part of my PKD

I'm 48 years old my grandfather and my aunt died from PKD my mom's hat and my mom has it and I'm a heavy equipment operator I get real nauseous really easy and just like definitely nauseous I don't know what to do I'm wondering if it'ssomething wrong me or I don't know if it's just from being dehydrated been to the hospital many times they don't know what it is but I bet the last time it was dehydration I don't think I'm dehydrated at times and it'll happen

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I have pkd, as did my father and his brother. As you probably know, it's hereditary. You might be lucky, I have 2 sisters and a son who haven't got it. (I'm told it's a 50/50 chance if your parent had it.)

If you want to know if you have pkd, visit your gp for a blood and urine test. They can check your egfr and creatinine levels. They will also send you for a scan to look for cysts.

Wishing you luck,



PS if you do have it, its not as bad as it used to be. I do dialysis by myself at home and enjoy life enormously.....

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Are you asking if the nausea is connected to the PKD? I doubt it. I used to get vertigo, where the world spins horribly and that brought on nausea. It was a magnesium deficiency, not kidney related. Are you sick with the nausea, or you just feel like you're going to be? Nausea is so unpleasant. How much water do you drink? Could it be food related? Might be worth keeping a diary of when it happens - including what you're doing at the time, what you've eaten etc. You might see a pattern. Good luck.


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