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I am new here - I was very lucky as my sarcoma was at an early stage and it was completely removed. Therefore I do not need any further treatment following my hysterectomy last November. However I was advised to take Letrozole to help ensure that I get no more growths - even though a reoccurrence would be rare in my case. I hate it - my joints and bones ache all the time so much that I have to take pain killers at night. I am always tired and I seem to be permanently on a short fuse! I feel as if I am going through the menopause all over again! Some of this might be due to recovering from surgery still but I will loose all my friends if I can't control my temper better.

I do not want to take this medication for 5 years! In fact I do not want to take it now. I am going to my doctor to ask her for a lower dose and to monitor my bone density and cholesterol - apparently also adversely effected by this drug. Is this other peoples experience of this drug? I am looking to find a more natural alternative to cutting the amount of oestrogen that I obviously had in my system

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