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Take a seat... if you can!

Take a seat... if you can!

With Pudendal Neuralgia, or any other pelvic chronic pain issue, it can be impossible to sit pain free (let alone get away without a flare up).

Of course, I’m no pro when it comes to seating, but I’ve learned a lot from my own experience and from listening to the ‘ouch’ in my pelvis. The seating I needed, was most often hand-made! (Have a look at the one my gorgeous father in law made, it’s the stool with adjustable foot rest!)

Although I’ve worn out, thrown out, tried and tested so many more seating aids, I’m showing the ones that have lasted or worked for a while. These are the ones I often resort to when things are getting heated again.All seating aidsIf anyone has any questions about them, just pop a comment below and that way we can keep the information going. I will definitely get back to anyone (except for spammers!).

Once again I will mention I’m not an expert, I’m just writing and sharing my own experience in hope of helping others in pain. The following is no endorsement or guarantee. If only!

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I use a cushion with a coccyx hole cut out and its angled to tilt you forward slightly. It doesn't relieve the pain, but it doesn't worsen it. It's quite bulky but I dotake it out and about with me.


Thanks for that! i am looking for a chair at the moment for when I start work, what do you think about kneeling chairs?


hello zanna and fiona,

zanna it's so much about what 'won't make us worse' isn't it? Very annoying. And the least of our worries is being seen out with a cushion. Let's just get out!!!!

Fiona I couldn't sit on the kneeling chair. it's hard that we can't try these first for a week. Can you take it home and try it? It's really different for everyone.

Good luck, to all of us!


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