Important message from Dr Greenslade, Bristol

Hello Everyone

We have been asked to post a message on here from Mr Greenslade which I know some of you have received care from. The message below which I have posted in bold is what we have been asked to post

' Just to say that the NHS managers want me to concentrate on the local waiting list, rather than offer a tertiary service, so all out of area pain referrals will now be returned with a request for patients to be treated locally or sent to UCLH.

I shall continue to see private patients, but the NHS managers are quite clear that we should concentrate on the general pain clinic waiting list, which is getting too big.'

As I am sure you can gather this isn't a situation that any specialist wants to find themselves in but unfortunately it is a decision that is out of his control. This would in effect mean that patients who now decide to see Dr Greenslade would have to fund all of their consultations and treatment privately either through insurance or money they may have saved up. If the situation changes at any point Dr Greenslade will ask us to put another post on here. But in the meantime if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help

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