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Does this sound like a UTI?


For the last few days I have been getting a uncomfortable stinging pain in my urethra area which lasts barely half a second, but happens about every 5 mins. This stinging discomfort gets worse when my bladder is full, and for about 20 mins a after my bladder has just been emptied.

I have urinated 3 times in the last 3 hours which is unusual for me.

I get no pain during urinating, and I definitely to not have any STI's.

As well as the urethral discomfort, I also have a slight discomfort in my lower stomach area usually after eating and drinking.

If it is a UTI, what should I do? I am trying to drink lots of water, and also staying away from certain unhealthy and spicy foods.

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It could be a UTI as some of your symptoms match. Have you had any of these symptoms before? One of your symptoms stands out and isn't really associated with a UTI but another condition that largely affects the bladder but also can cause urethral pain. The condition I'm referring to used to be called interstitial cystitis or IC for short but has now been renamed bladder pain syndrome. I'm not keen on either name myself. It isn't caused by bacteria and there are a number of theories on what causes the condition etc. Your symptoms of having discomfort in the lower abdomen after eating and drinking matches very well with this. But for the time being I would go to your GP with a urine sample so a UTI can either be ruled in or out. If it turns out not to be a UTI ask your GP what else it could be, but I'd also keep a daily symptom diary as these can be very useful for GPs and consultants should you eventually need a referral to a urology department. Let us know how you get on and take care

Hello, and thank you for your reply. I will sure look into this condition you mention.

I have had a couple of lower UTI's, and one upper UTI before, but these symptoms I am having now are much different, and this is why I am confused whether this could actually be a UTI or not.

This time there is no urgency to urinate, no pain during urinating, and they were the most prominent symptoms I had with those past UTI’s. Also, this lower stomach discomfort, I never suffered that before.

As for the stinging sensation, I have had that before, but nowhere near as frequent, and not as strong. It began after a UTI I had years ago, and the stinging sensation only ever reared its head after urinating when I didn’t drink much water that day, or I had eaten lots of sugary foods.

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