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Pudendal neuralgia


I write this post in fear of what may come but looking for answers. I have for now five weeks had trouble sitting with a weird feeling inside my rectum. It feels like I have a pea inside my anus which makes it difficult to sit for more than five minutes. I also get occasional burning which is maddening and tests my nerves to the limit. Where is the best place in the uk to test too see if I have the possible nerve problem as colonoscopy an other tests are all clear. I look forward to any advice.

Many thanks


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What have you done so far? Have you seen your GP? Five weeks of pain suggests you need professional assessment, but although I'm not a doctor, at this stage I'm not sure that PN would be diagnosed, as it will not be deemed 'chronic pain'. I think my PN developed after failed diagnosis of other problems, so I would suggest persistence with your GP. Referral to a pain clinic that specialises in pelvic pain would be a good start. Also, assessment by a pelvic pain physiotherapist should identify any tight muscles that might be compressing the nerve. Relaxation in whatever form suits you is advisable. This could be abdominal breathing, meditation etc. I find that my pain reduces on days I do a lot of walking. Try not to aggravate it by sitting too much and make sure that you don't develop poor posture through trying to relieve the pressure on the painful side (I caused myself disc problems). It helps release the muscles and calm the central nervous system. The good news is that as you haven't had the problem for too long there is probably a better chance of a full recovery. Good luck.



I have had a specialist check with no discernible reason for discomfort apparent. I had a colonoscopy last week which was also negative whic leads me to think towards possible nerve problem worryingly. Is has not improved in 6 weeks I have too sit on my side which is slightly better as I can't sit down in normal seated position. I'm obviously very frightened, i have read horror stories regarding pudendal neuralgia an there being no cure.


Look up closed group Pudendal Nueralgia Hope. A great group from all over the world with lots of ideas. Join & learn!


if you indeed have pudenal nueralgia then you should see a nerve specialist. i had surgery 9 weeks ago removing the damaged pudenal nerves and am no longer in any pain after 3.5 years of chronic pelvic pain. if you live in the states and would like more info on my Dr. , pm me. Best of luck


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