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Got this message direct to me and not on a post... is it a real one or one of the many scammers?

Onlinepharmacy wrote:

Well running out of medicine... Time ticking away..

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It is a scam. Ignore and delete



If it is a scammer then if they are trying to rip people off here then they are literal killer scammers checking these posts.. preying on people with one of the most painful conditions and a scam could kill a person.. cause it would be like.. do i get med to live for 3 months or i lose the money i need to try to go to a dozen doctors to beg for a 4th Lumbar right side dorsal nerve root neurectomy which could 100% cure my condition but doctors around here are too Evil sick to do the one procedure i need to try to save my life..


Please could you report the message as spam, then we can look at it. Thanks.