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Does anyone on here have severe adhesions? My mum has suffered for so long. She has had 10 operations each time the adhesions have got worse

After her last operation she ended up with her bowel leaking which they didn't find out about till 2 days later, pneumonia and was in intensive care for 3 months. Her bowel is now so obstructed she cannot eat and is in constant pain. Surgeons do not want to operate again. What can we do? I hate seeing my mum in so much pain with no end in sight. Please help us x x

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Hi- I have had problems with adhesions since a bowel op a couple of years ago. I have had 3 further operations for adhesions causing bowel obstruction, so i know the pain your mum is going through. I had to just live on those Ensure drinks for a while as nothing else would pass through. I had a most recent op in January this year which they removed one metre of the small bowel and I was told there was dense adhesions. I know they can come back, so i was despairing, thinking I'll never get over this. However, fingers crossed, since then things have been a lot better.

I haven't got much useful info, and have been told in future I may need future surgery and it would need to be open surgery as they wouldn't want to do laproscopic with the amount of adhesions I've got. Just thought I'd write as have also gone through these problems.


This is dreadful. Do you know whether any adhesion barriers have been used in any of these procedures ? Has your mum seen a pain specialist at all ?

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very sorry for all this,I have adhesions myself had them for nearly 20 years advised to leave them alone after having several operations already they do cause me pain & can be felt through my skin but too scared to get them removed & had about 13 operations so will avoid more.I really hope things improve for all suffering out there.


Adhesions as in lumps?from?I have dercums disease


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