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Does anyone know if PCD specialists have considered if there are any reasons why people with PCD should not be given any vaccine, or which vaccine is preferable. I’m 85, classed as extremely vulnerable, but still active, drive when allowed. My GPs are not very familiar with PCD, haven’t been able to speak to my consultant, know that hospital is working at full capacity, here in West Midlands virus rate is high. Would appreciate any help, thanks, good luck to us all.

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Where I’m at my GP and my pulmonologist both push for the flu vaccine. They insist I have me the extra strength dose.

I’v had flu vaccine every year as soon as it’s available. I was referring to Covid vaccine, that I’m due to have next Thursday, and then four weeks later. Not been able to speak to my consultant about which vaccine best for PCD people, or whether we might have adverse effects. Hope I’m doing right thing, will update you

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