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Symptoms - relate to PBC?



I have been wondering recently whether my symptoms actually relate to PBC or whether they could be attached to something else. I always find it hard to explain how i feel but this is my best shot at it. Most days i feel perfectly fine but when symptoms come on i feel like i have a dose of flu, body is weak and I ache, I lose all sense of taste and it hurts to swallow (like a sore throat) im often tired, sometimes beyond tired and can fall into a deep sleep quickly. This is usually coupled with brain fog and i find it hard to concentrate. Symptoms normally last no longer than a day and then i feel perfectly fine again. Whilst these symptoms last I feel dreadful and just want to go to bed, this is difficult when you have to go to work and look after 2 children! Funnily enough I tend to get these symptoms more at the weekend, I think this is because the working week is over and maybe its my body saying you know what - im shattered!

I just wondered if anyone has the same symptoms or whether this is something completely different. Was diagnosed with pbc in October and im 39. Thanks for reading !!

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Hi, I get the same symptoms and these days I just call it an antibody flare, it's the only explanation I can find for it. I get flue like symptoms am totally tired out and brain fogged, my bones/joints ache and I know when it is coming on because it is the only time my elbows has been particularly bad so exhausted . I have AIH/PBC over lap and on boxing day I went for a walk with my friend only 5 miles flat because consultant has cleared me finally for walking and swimming but it has taken all week for me to recover from it. I am not giving in though am going walking in the Yorkshire dales on new years day my experience, when my body says rest, then rest is what I have to do. I find sleep is the only thing that helps sometimes.

xx conniefused

Its similar with me also but I don't get the sore throat

Hi Hannah yes I can relate to most of that except not being able to taste and the sore throats only loose sense of taste if sinnuses blocked and only take sore throats occassionally usually if feeling bit run down if have been overdoing it. I take high dose vit C all during winter months actually from Sep-April to help protect my body from infections or help fight infections if unlucky enough to get them. Have been doing this since diagnosis in 2002. I know what you mean re kids I have two myself aged 5 and 16 so not always possible to lie down when you need to my advice on this take help and support whenever it is offered and dvds great invention whilst watching one with kids you can have a cat nap beside them! Take care. x

I don't have the sore throat or taste problems but the tiredness and brain fog is just overwhelming sometimes. Of all the things that I've had over the past year, those are the things that have floored me.

I think I might be getting a little bit better over the past few weeks. I've had a very relaxed and chilled out Christmas (mostly) and I've also noticed that I can stay awake all day, most days. The brain fog/ concentration/ memory is still hard to cope with. I haven't been able to do much reading - but I still think that it might be a wee bit better.

I will know for certain next week when my wee fella goes back to school after the holidays and it's back to racing about like a lunatic in the mornings and into a more stressful routine

I did not even know the symptoms, this explains why I feel so crap all the time !!! I knew about the tiredness but dont know if its pbc or thyroid so hard to distinguish

Hi i have the same, find the brain fog awful could be in the middle of sayen something and its gone, very embarresing, also id say to myself ill put a wash on or dinner on or what ever, to find iv allready done it, i find that scarey

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