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Wish there was a live chat , so we could connect with other users!!

Would be great being able to connect with others and chat, without having to wait for answers to your question, although this is a great site !!! And thank you for all that you do!! I would love to be able to connect with people live !!!!

Maybe this is something that could be looked into as it could help everyone and if private things needed to be asked you don't have to post them on a blogg wall! And I'm sure it old help with depression and feeling your not alone !!!

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Hey just to let you know that on facebook their is a PBCers group and that has the chat facility and it is a private group......... they are a lovely bunch!


At risk of getting fried here but although their are some lovely folk out there in chat rooms, they are usually unmoderated and there have been lot's of incidences where by people have been left in tears and worse after joining such groups.

Remember if you ever want to chat to someone in the same boat as yourself, the foundation have groups of volunteers who are trained to help you. Their numbers are listed n the Bear Facts ad they can also help to put you in touch with people in your locality. It's much nicer to meet face to face if possible.

The good thing with a group like this is that Robert does look in and keep an eye on threads so if folk are given bad information out, it can be nipped in the bud. I think Health unlocked do a feedback system, maybe interested people can ask them if they have plans to introduce a chat facility on here? x


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