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my partners ESA back pay how long?

can anybody help in advising how long ESA backpay after a successful tribunal takes to sort out?after winning the tribunal 7 weeks ago which after 8 months of anxiety and mood swings due to her mental health condition and the stress we thought it was over sinc then we have bee told on the phone at first it would take 2-3 weeks to sort out so 2 weeks later we phoned to be told that we should have bee told 5-6 weeks not 2-3 so after 5 weeks we get told another 2 weeks 2 weeks later(today) we get told it should get sorted this week and we will get a call back before 5 oclock, we got the call an was told its going to be 2-3 weeks and when asked well why was we told this morning it would be this week it was the same answer as always 'you shouldnt havent been told that.' any help or advice would greatly appreciated i wish something would be done about this stupid system since coming out of hospital all the jobcentre have helped with with all their interviews phony doctors who think they know about everything and appaling appeal system has only set her back 3 years in her recovery im hopin sometime we might be able to relax

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Ahhhhh.....now if i had of replied last week I would of been shouting & screaming as I was in a very similar situation, I too won my tribunal on the 10th May'12 after months of ups and downs. I knew there was usually a 6-8wk period of time before things usually get sorted and was happy to bide my time as it was nice to suddenly relax thinking it was all over etc, until I got a letter saying my dr sick note was due to run out and needed another one otherwise my payments will stop 2days before Jubilee long w'end......then the whole process of frantic 30min on hold calls to the ESA started again to being told to ignore the letter I was on the system as winning my ESA claim and ringing back again to make double sure as I could not afford to lose my fortnightly payment and then being the advisor I had spoke to was mistaken and i did need to submit a new sick note ASAP....at this stage the dr's were closed till the following weds!!!! So more anxious days followed and rang ESA again when the offices re-opened (A little tip:- ring before 9am, they answered straight away, I nearly chocked on my coffee and spluttered good morning in shock lol) but more confusion was added as he was a nice enough chap who also said I did not need a new sick note but that there was nothing on the system to say my payment had been issued and whilst on the phone wrote a email to my local job centre asking for a payment to be issued and he assured me that someone whould be ringing me that day to confirm things......24hrs later, still no call...rang again but as it was after 9am I waited 25mins and got one of the rudeist advisors i've ever spoken too and treated me like a 2yr old saying that if I had got a letter through saying I needed a sick note then thats obviously what I needed if I expected to get my benefit, I'm a 'treat people as you would have them treat yourself' type of person but I swear if she had of been stood in front of me I think I may of done something that I may of later regretted and I then demanded to speak to one of her supervisors...to which she replied someone would get back to me in the next 24hrs and put the phone down on me (actually I can feel my anger welling up inside again grrrr lol) I was going to look into making an official complaint but before I got any further I received a call from the ESA, not sure who she was but rang to say sorry for the confusion and that she was issuing my back-dated pay today (Fri) and should receive a letterb through about payments & entitlements etc, was too shocked to ask anything and said goodbye, she even rang 5mins later saying my money would be in my account on tues and would this be a problem (my fortnightly money is usually in my account on a monday)...... talk about an emotional rollercoaster of a day.

I'm not sure if this is of any help as I'm still dumbfounded by the whole process/system, but maybe asking to speak to someone superior may help.......best of luck and let me know how it all goes :)


well lucky you my partners tribunal date was 2 may and we was told on the phone they were only upto dealing with cases from 19 april as my partner is quiet and shy she will not make a point she just agrees with anything they say. and to take the biscuit we get a letter through this morning that they are from this week taking £40 a week from us for the budgeting loan we needed to get the kids their presents as we had our money halved and as its from the social fund we cant appeal against it being taken now


I can empathise fully, the system is like a minefield.....I too have used up my 3 emergency loans for my 12month period for the errors they hae made for my to have to claim for a emergency loan & also took out a budgeting loan but because my payments have been up&down they have yet to start reclaiming what i owe......I am 100% certain now that I have been awarded ESA there is going to be a huge chunk that will be taken out weekly.

At the end of the day when all is sorted your backpayment should help in some small way..... and thats what you need to stay focussed on.

I recently found a good site that hopefully maybe of help called 'Turn2us' maybe worth a gander.

As I mentioned earlier I do hope all goes well, just hang in there.


Hi ricky87

think it was about 7 weeks i waited for my backdated money, hope you get your asap, dont know how much of a loan you got but I got just under £1000 and they are taking it at £10 per week


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