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Wish me luck

Well starting back tommorow !!!

Been of since second wk in Jan as had emergency gall bladder removal.

I work full time 8 - 3.45 Mon to Fri Dr signed me off without any recommendations this new fit for work note is s load of rubbish!!!

Went back to dr once I read the note at home asked them to put recommendations on diffrent Dr put light duties phased return shame I had to go back and ask.

Let's see how it goes ! I have desk job on compute all day and answering calls but with the stupid brain fog its hard keeping up !!

Within a few hrs prob have a sea of post it notes to keep track.

Most people on hear seem to either have given up work or reduced hrs. Consultant I saw last week didn't give me any guidance and basically ignored the question.

Anybody got any tips ?

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Good luck, you will just have to see how you go on.


Thanks zipitydoo think I will need the luck Xx


Hi I really empathise with the brain fog problem. I worked in Finance and the spread sheets were greek to me when the fog was down! You could ask to see the Occupational Health doctor. I did this and they were always totally supportive to me. Also the occupational therapists are very good and I was assessed and they wrote to my employer with recommendations including the ability to work from home for some of the time. I did finally receive medical retirement due to prolonged fatigue but worked for quite a few years with the above support. Good luck and hope you dont get the comment 'but you look so well!'


hi I worked in accounts too; same problem once the fog came down. I gave up work because I have 2 children of school age to look after as well and something had to give. I did manage to get ESA and DLA but it took best part of a year to complete the process from start to finish, and was very stressful!

But once I say the ESA doctor for an assessment and he supported my claim for PBC everything else fell into place.

Good Luck with going back to work hope it goes well.


Hi Val02, was wondering what ESA stands for, can you please enlighten me? I work full time in payroll, and finding it difficult I was diagnosed with PBC in Jan 2010, I'd love to be able to give up work, but can't afford to, I get soooooo tired I just sit all weekend because I don't have the energy for anything else.


Hi ESA is Employment & Support Allowance. It takes over from sick pay once it runs out. Used to be called Incapacity Benefit. As long as you have worked most of your life and paid your NI you are entitled (in theory) to it i.e it is not means tested. You have to jump through a fair few hoops to get it; as they have to decide whether you could work and you just need help to find something you can do, in which case you can only get it for a year at the lower rate. Or you can be put in the Support Group which means you dont have to return to work and you will get around £100 a week.

Hope that helps?


Ok thanks, I've worked all my life never claimed anything, will bear in mind if and when I can't cope with work anymore, fingers crossed.


you have to listen to your body - if your body can handle the daily work hrs, keep at it, if you cannot, you must obey your body - i finally got approved for Disability after being home for 2 yrs -- good luck!


Everyone with this condition might have the same problems but to a greater or lesser degree. One person might be able to cope whilst another can't. Listen to your body and do what is best for you. Definately go and see your Occupational Health at your work and get your condition registered with them as it should be covered by the DDA. Good Luck. X


Hi all been back 2days shatterd only 4hrs each day.

Have had all the comments "you look well " time off has done you good" wow you lost so much weight "

Had to bite my tounge a few times they all mean well.

The one that got to me the most was time of has done you good!

Well thanks everyone for your support I have decided this time when my body days no I am going to say no

Sending hugs to you all zipitydoo jersey chris jtx val02 dolores dinny


I find that works for me as well. Listen to your body. It is so frustrating when people say you look so well. If only they could see the state of our livers! Got to keep positive though. Keep well. x


I was wondering how you had gone on. Glad you are going to listen to your body and put yourself first. Take care.


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