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Hello , I was diagnosed in October 17

I'm taking ursodeoxcholic acid

I'm feeling sopoorly. Since November I had about 8 weeks of labrtynitious

Then dirviticulitour in hostpital for few days antibiotics , then a water infection more antibiotics . Now chest infection after a bad cold . Is this normal to get all of these things with pbc . My liver doctor says my liver is responding very well to treatment .

But I'm worried about all this other stiff going on. I'm 60 on Saturday

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I don’t think it will be the pbc, if you look at your time line of diagnosis in October, November you start with labyinthitis, then one thing follows another. It’s more likely your a little run down perhaps from the stress of diagnosis, this winter has been rather cold and wet roll on some sunny days of spring.

I do find if I get anything it takes a bit longer to get over these days not sure if that’s pbc or age, but I actually seem to get less of the winter colds.

Take plenty of rest and perhaps speak to your doctor about your concerns. Hope your feeling better soon.

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Thank you for your advise it's so good to hear someone really understands .thank you again

Hi. I think your immune system is not strong. Are you taking vitamins. Make sure you are not deficient. In addition, watch your diet. Best to eat more veggies. You are probably stressed from diagnosis. I was. Feel better.

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Thank you for you help ful advise

Thank you

I was diagnosed with cancer first. I think alot of it. Is all the stress. It may take our bodies longer to heal.

BethRL in reply to My-life

Hi. I you doing radiation treatments as well. I feel but I’m not an expert. That good cells are killed also.

Fight back if you can. Strengthen your insides. Probiotics. Read on natural alternatives. But do ck w Dr.

All the best. R

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Hello , no I'm not , I've started to drink yackult . I have IBS and some dairy is bad . I think it's IBS . Thank you for replying

My-life in reply to BethRL

No my cancer was removed. YEAH.

Our poor little bodies are very compromised. Immune system all haywire. Stress will manifest into all sorts of physical/psychological ailments. Also...parasites in the body will weaken our immune systems. We, especially, need to be diligent to not ingest raw fish, eat well cleansed organic vegetables(we really don't need to deal with pesticides and Round-up),

and consider a parasite cleanse...yeah, I'm big on cleanses. Black walnut/wormwood tincture will help eliminate those little suckers. But read up on it before you do it. Dr. Hilda Clark is big on this. And of course, because we live on the planet, we are exposed to parasites everywhere.

Thank you for your help ful advise

Eat no shell fish.

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Thank you , you must think I'm wingeing , but I have IBS too, every couple of days it flares up, I eat cheese for protine and calcium . Think I may have to stop this too. I'm very tierd. Worried .

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