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Ultrasound coming up

Hello everyone, hoping you are doing well.

I just began posting here.

It was a bit ago. I have been having some elevated liver enzymes and not feeling so good. I was told years ago I had PBC soon coarse there is concern.

I am feeling better, I think it is because I haven’t been eating much because of tummy upset and also I just feel full all the time. A few bites of my meal and I’m full. I have motility problems. So I have been using Senokot S to keep things moving.

Am I correct to think that cautious choices and small appetite can settle a liver flare up?

I did get a call from my rheumy and she has ordered an ultrasound.

Will that show here what she needs to know if there is a valid concern regarding PBC?

I see her in office on February 26 so I can speak to her more then.

Question....does PBC wax and wain?


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Are you taking urso you said you were diagnosed with pbc years ago so i presume you are on urso wait and see what the ultrasound shows

I have recently been diagnosed pbc

I dont have a problem with food

I am on ursofalk

Its good you are getting it seen t

Eat little and often if you can

Good luck

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Hi Tuffymason

There is some good advice on diet on the following link, scroll to the end for PBC


Lactulose is, I understand, a medication which is kinder to our systems. It is a stool softener rather than a purgative.

Yes I do believe that some of the symptoms of PBC can wax and wain especially if something causes a flare.

best wishes


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