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Hello, All I have been for a doctor at the clinic! Luckily, I'm good at the Ursofalk, so the values ​​have fallen well. I've reported that my fatigue persists and my forgetfulness. However, the doctor says that this has nothing to do with partial disease. I have to say that, fortunately, I've only had slight fibrosis and liver. Alkaline fostasis and Gamma gt were raised as early as diagnosis. I'm 64 years old and can not imagine these memory problems at the moment. . My question is, I have my ears and I have a bad side effect or have more people burdened with this additional phenomenon? Sincerely, Mariannene Schell

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Hi Marianne349! Wonderful news about your labs! Congratulations! A lot of us suffer from fatigue and some of us take something for it. I'm not sure what it's called but I have heard several people say it helps. I don't think anything can be done about the forgetfulness....maybe make a list of things to do? I'm not too sure what you are asking about your ears. I wish more of us spoke (Dutch?) Your language. Some ofbus have a google translate on our phones. There is always that option if you get frustrated.

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"Hi, thanks for your comment, I meant and that's a Dutch saying, it sits between your ears, in other words it's a thought!! This regard the word ears!! regards Marianne"

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