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Hi all Do any of you go to the PBC Clinic in the above clinic Prof Hirchfield Clinic any info helpful had my appointment come to attend on Thursday morning i have always been seen in Liver unit on a Monday morning since diagnosed letter says appointment to rare decease clinic also do you get your scan done here on the same day before you go see the Consultant thats how it was done at Liver clinic so the Consultant had my scan results in front of him all done in one day bloods done as well can you tell me which clinic you go to if you are under the Q E hope im going to the right place dont know why im being moved Thanks x

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  • Hi, I see Doc Hirchfield quite often, he is a nice doctor. The area you have been moved to is more convieniant for the test labs. ..

  • Hi yes hes the man to see with PBC been going to Q E for 2 years every 3 months and been under Andrew Holt Monday morning on the Liver Unit clinic never seen this man before may be he does things different in his clinic got to get use to it all the change ill be ok once i go .

  • At least there is a caferteria​ in the building and a tea/coffee machine in the clinic. I have known Doc H for six years, I hope all goes well for you..

  • its bank holiday Monday so no clinic is it place change or date?

  • Hi its a both place change and day Thursday instead of a Monday wondered if PBC clinic had changed days do you go to Q E x

  • i do go to qe... got moved to Mondays this week ni Monday clinic. prof holt id the big cheese in pbc.

    i had my transplant on 17 of may came home on Saturday this week end. however i did get moved to pbc specify clinic which is all good. best wishes cazer. x don't think you should have any concerns.

  • Hi, I had to go there the second time I saw him.

    Don't worry, just get there a bit earlier - if you are parking it can take time to find a space, etc. Ask as soon as you get into the main Entrance Area, and they will give you clear instructions, even a map. I was worried but everyone was really helpful, even when I got a bit lost.

    Also, I got panicky as the tests were running late and I was worried about being late for my appt with him, but they all calmed me and said everything would all wait until my tests were sent through to him, and everyone else was in the same situation.

    Just allow plenty of time, keep asking if you get lost or are worried - and stay calm - it will all be fine.

    Gritty xx

  • H i thanks for the info can you remember what day you went to the clinic i thought PBC clinic was on a Monday afternoon my appointment is for a Thursday morning wondered if PBC clinic had changed days what kind of tests do you have when you get there are they the blood tests or have you had ultra scan do they have scanner machine in this department or do we have to go to imaging in main QE building Thanks again for your help im sure ill be ok once ive been once x

  • Hi , I've been going to QEHB for the last ten years. I had a transplant 7 yrs ago and have recurrent PBC . My appts are always on a Thurs morning . I've always been able to have Ultra sound scan before my appt so that they can see results straight away. I think the clinic I go to is post translant but not sure.

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