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(Finally) Right Strategy to Cure Autoimmune Diseases: Alma Biotherapeutics


found this yesterday in some Biotechnology related News/Blog Site.

They are indeed at the beginnings but can be one day a real cure for many Autoimmune Disorders. They target first IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

If they should be successful than hopefully can target other conditions. Below is some text from their Site, Encouraging!

"Alma Biotherapeutics is pursuing the development of a novel type of treatment for autoimmune diseases. The treatment approach embodies the potential to be a safe and curative therapy because it addresses the underlying cause of why the immune system may turn on a healthy tissue type.

The team at Alma Bio are applying intricate knowledge of the basic mechanisms that prompt the immune system to attack healthy cells in the body. The therapy they are developing uses the immune system’s own signals, a specific class of molecules called heat shock proteins. Under healthy conditions, these molecules manage inflammation when it is used to contain an inflammatory attack; for example when the immune system launches an attack on infectious microbes that may have passed into the body.

The therapy Alma is developing uses the targeted expression of these molecules to rebalance the immune system so it halts the attack on the healthy cells associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In this section, one can learn more about IBD, why the company chose to development a treatment for IBD first, the science that is the foundation for Alma’s game-changing approach to treating IBD, and how the company’s lead therapeutic candidate is designed to help patients who have run out of treatment options."


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Hi , thanks for for posting this--- interesting read. I think that someday there will be a treatment(s) that maybe won't cure these auto immune disorders but will make them so manageable as to make their impact on our lives to be almost negligible.


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