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MMTV retrovirus

Been reading with interest about the new findings by Prof Andrew Mason about the presence of this retrovirus in patients with PBC. Well worth reading up about. How this retrovirus enters our genomes and how it can be treated appears to me to be yet unknown but interesting that it is a virus and not genetic. What does anyone else think? To find out more just google PBC and betaretrovirus.

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Hi Giolielli

Another contributor put up the information around about the 18th February and as I was due to see my GP I took a copy from one of the articles to pass on. She had not heard about it but then GPs in the UK are so busy these days apparently a shortage of funding and so much pressure on the NHS alround.

It does seem hopeful but it also seems that anything specific for current sufferers is still a bit of a long way off.

forever hopeful though!



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