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Hi There, I was wondering if anyone out there has this condition, I have just been diagnosed with this and am extremely distressed by it, I have large pus filled lumps on my nose, itching and burning, I hope it's not another auto immune, I have PBC and thyroid problems, now I have another illness that there's no cure for, Sorry, I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself but it's good to get it off my chest, Stay well everyone.

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Hi Jaycee

Yes, I have had rosacea but certainly not as bad as your description. My first outbreak was probably some 15 years ago and the GP gave me some tablets no idea what. My second outbreak last year has been treated with a rosacea cream. Both occasions I was under a good deal of stress and it was just another aggravation of life. Whether it has any connection to being auto immune I do not know. I have understood that it is usually found in people of fair skin. You seem a bit down, is there anyone you can have a good chat with, I know sometimes it is difficult to find someone to talk to who can empathise with our situation. For me I have bent my husband's ear talking about my stressed difficulties but as that situation has now passed my rosacea and the PBC itch have settled back to manageable levels.

I hope the above is helpful and that you can get some treatment. Be well soon,

best wishes


Hi Jaycee unfortunately it is another autoimune disease I too suffer from this as well as the pbc, under active thyroid and other autoimune diseases .keep your chin up it can be controlled with treatment. When I was diagnosed with Rosacea I was advised to change everything I washed with from a soap to an emollient wash, anything with soap in it drys and irritates sencitive skin the emollient is much better also limit your tea,coffee & alcohol keep out of the sun if not slap on high factor sun cream .Know your trigger factors and try to avoid them best you can .The treatment takes a while hang on in there it does work ! X


Hi Jaycee,

About 27 years ago (I was just a bit horrified when I counted the years and had to do it twice to make sure!), my GP said I 'probably' had Rosacea. Had it for 2-3 years but have never had more than the odd, rare patch since. To help with the burning, I sometimes held packets of frozen peas (in a tea towel) against my cheeks. The GP prescribed emulsifying ointment to use instead of soap as a wash, followed by simple aqueous cream as a moisturiser, however I think I reacted to the emulsifying ointment and definitely would not recommend using it.

The product I would highly recommend as a soap substitute & moisturiser combined is called Dermol 500. It was not suggested to me as a treatment for Rosacea so do check with your GP first but my skin has settled properly for the first time in years after using it (and nothing else at all) for 8 months. It can be ordered from the chemist but is slightly cheaper as a prescription. Also worth noting that it can be used anywhere on your body.

I would love to say the Rosacea, if that's what it was, vanished overnight but it actually took many months, slowly, slowly.

When I did have it all those years ago, it was a very stressful time and whenever it flared up worse I found I could link it directly to stress. I was under the impression that superficially I was coping with the stress very well but clearly my body had other ideas.

The other triggers to watch out for are spicy food, hot sunshine, washing in too hot water, using too many different products, using hydrocortisone.

I hope it settles for you soon - I agree - extremely distressing.


Hi I've just been diagnosed with rosacea, started about a year ago thought it was allergies, so used antihistamines, would flare up then go, but started getting worse all on forehead chin and side of my nose is often get little blisters with it, I've just been given an antibiotic cream, only been using a day and it feels and looks worse, I'm not sure if to carry on and hope it works or stop taking it. Anyone who could advise me please. Also is there anything anyone has tried and it's worked all help appreciated it's getting me down in feel like people stare, probably in my head I don't know.


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