Hi it has been a while since I have been on here.. guess been getting on with life as am 30 and was in shock for a while. Only found out because I have lyme disease. Well I have a little girl. . I was seeing what people think about having another with pbc? I think I am early as seen doctors and I am ama positive and m2 positive as well still not sure what that is... however never had high liver test( bloods) no symptoms as of yet.. well can't tell really as have lyme. Doctor just said well get on with life and see u in 12 months.

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  • I've been told by the liver specialists no problem with having kids you can continue taking urso.. Although he did say I may not conceive until my lfts lower..

  • hi jpmac im interested in the comment your consultant said about maybe not being able to conceive until lft's lower... did he say anything about them needing to be in the nearly normal range or anything? I would like another child in the future and am on urso, lipitor, omeprazole and calcium tabs. i wonder would any of the meds affect conception? Am due to see my consultant in November i think so this is a question for him. thank u in advance for any replies jpmac :)

  • I don't know about other meds he just said urso not harmful.. He said the health thing In a mother nature kind of way.. Healthy mum makes healthy baby.. He suggested I was not conceiving as so unwell my levels were sky high.. at the point of diagnosis alp over1000. Im seeing a fertility specialist too.. She is liasing with hepatplogist before my next apt in Nov to see if safe to have assistance, as apart from immune disorder there shouldn't be a reason not conceiving.

  • Hi Melbourne,

    I had my first child when I was 30, I was told I had PBC when I was 24. I had a normal pregnancy, my consultant just want me to have scans every 6 weeks, after my 20 weeks scan. I didn't mind as it just meant I got to see my princess more.

    Take care xx

  • I have 4 children Melbourne, the first in 1983, when I was 20, 2nd when I was 24, 3rd when I was 32, and last, but not least ! when I was 34. Although I was only diagnosed in 2008, I have no idea how long I had had PBC for, it was a fluke I was diagnosed in the first place (I went to the doctor with a sore back - which I still have!) All my children are perfectly healthy, my daughter mentioned to her doctor that I had PBC, and he checked her bloods, which are fine, she's 30 now and a mother herself, my grandson is as fit as a fiddle and he's 9 this year (I feel ancient !!) So, please do'nt let it put you off having another one.

  • I was diagnosed in 2005 in stage 3, in 2009 my doctor told me having more children was not an option in my case because it could cause me to go into liver failure or do other damage. U am now in stage 4 and have gotten over the depression of not having more children (a weekend of 4 nieces and nephews all under the age of 5 helped with that). It all depends on your case. If your doctor does not see an issue then that is good.

  • Hi melbourne

    i was diagnosed when my son was 2 months old, i was 39, my pregnancy was the 'wellest' i had been in 12 years, my consultant has said that i had proberly had pbc for a long time. I think every case is different and its great to have the knowledge of other peoples stories and experiences, its one of the reasons this site is so good, if it wasn't for my son pbc would be much harder to live with!! take advice from your doctor/consultant.

  • I've got 2 children & really don't know how long I've suffered with PBC. Looking back I think I had the onset in 2005 because I started suffering with Raynauds Phenomenon & became pregnant with my second child in 2006. As I didn't even know at the time about PBC, I even had a problem with a widespread urticarial rash from head to toe during my pregnancy (I believe was due to stress). At the time my midwife did not even refer me to any other specialist for it. I did suffer with varices in a not very nice place

    & was referred to an obstetrician in case I needed a Caesarean section but it did not become so enlarged that I needed to have one thankfully.

    I had an otherwise normal pregnancy & normal delivery. Both are healthy happy kids.

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