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liver test normal

Hi what does it mean when my liver test come back normal??? am i in any stages??? i can't see a doctor till next week, and have no clue what is going on.. i am positive for ama and m2 but have a normal lft. i am so scared i have no idea what is going to happen to me i am only 30. i only found out about ama and m2 because of something else otherwise i wouldn't know. i keep reading this 10 years time line for people with pbc is this true. i have a little girl and not sure what to think.

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Hi the 10 things not true many many people have been living with pbc for 15 20 yrs, i think there is some ladies on this site have it that long, its very good news tests comen back normal i had a biopsy than i was told im stage 2 dxt 4 yrs this august, also a person can stay at just say me satge 2 for treas and years and never move very complex illness, hope this helps you some what. Ann


Hi thank you for your answer, did u have a biopsy because it wasn't normal or did you also have a normal liver test???? can i have pbc and never get a stage??? what happens when my lft keep coming back normal, does this mean anything??


Sorry Melbourne, deleted my comment to add a line to it so now it is after your answer! (I am from Melbourne by the way :-)) The biopsy was because I had another antibody too that can indicate another condition called autoimmune hepatitis and it changes the medications they treat you with if you have both that and PBC so my doc wanted to be sure. If your LFTs are normal it is good as limited damage is occurring at this time - if indeed it is PBC. My liver functions tests were only very slightly elevated (have been for a while but no one was really worried about them).

The bit I added which is now below was just to say wait and see how you go with your doctor and what your tests mean first, then if it is PBC there is lots of support and information here to help you understand what is going on.


Hi my liver scan showed my liver was inflamed, the biopsy was to see what stage i was at, its no longer inflamed, on my last scan the chap scanen me said its abnormel well i have pbc so that coubts for that, there are 4 stages im stage 2 have been 4 yrs and may never move from that, what i did when seeing my liver doc. was write everything down you want answered, some of them arnt realy up on pbc and it can be verrry frusting for us the patients, but remember there here to work for us, so if your not happy keep looking till you are,i can understanf your fear my mam died of this 11yrs ago we as i family were told dont worry it cant be passd on, mine was found in a routene blood test, but when you find out more youll understand it better and be able to cope with it


Hello melbourne.

Well I started itching in early 2010 and at the time was feeling very fatigued, falling asleep as soon as I came in from working a long day in a full-time demanding job.

I had LFTs done and they came back abnormal. The itching persevered and still I have it 3yrs on. The fatigue has long gone by the way. I was diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010 after finally having the AMA test 6mths after I started with the itch.

I think I probably had PBC a few years prior but didn't know about it. The hospital doctor reckoned I'd had it 'a few years' when I started itching. I was only fatigued and tired prior to 2010 so never thought anything of it.

If one has positive AMA it is normally stated you can have PBC but from what I can gather, normal LFTs are not alarming and you could have PBC that is dormant, that is it might never surface but I expect you'll have blood tests at intervals to keep a check.

Personally, well myself I'd start to think about it at the start but then I'd probably with moving time just get on with life, enjoy it but also given there is the heads up and it appears you are asymptomatic (that is no symptons of PBC) then you have the power to make some life changes, ie quit any alcohol regardless (I was an occasional social drinker, nothing heavy, haven't had any since first abnormal LFT 2010), take care over any medications you might take from now on too.

From what I can also understand some patients with a query with regards to LFTs and the AMA can be offered a biopsy but that is your choice.


Hi Melbourne, I am very newly diagnosed with PBC, AMA was picked up on a blood test I was having for something else. My liver function tests were very mildly elevated only and I think in very early stages liver function tests can be normal. I went on to have a liver biopsy because it was unclear if I had another autoimmune process, and it confirmed I definitely had stage 1 PBC, but my doctor was pretty certain before that with my blood tests.I too was very scared when I first started reading but a lot of information is not up to date at all. It is a slowly progressing condition, which can be slowed much more with the use of medication and there are lots of people who have been living with PBC for a very long time.

Wait and see what your doctor says about your tests, good luck.


thank you for the information, i just don't understand why would they do the test again???? also you said if i have it and my letter from the GP said if and may in the letter aswell. Why is this?? can they get it wrong. sorry to ask


AMA is strongly associated with PBC, but only your doctor is going to be able to evaluate all of your tests and answer your questions. Are you seeing a gastroenterologist next week? If so they should be able to give you a clear picture of what is going on. Sorry you are going through such a tough time at the moment, waiting is awful. Let us know how you go.


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