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PBC & tyroid

A 54 yar old patient from Romania (who doesn't speak English) has had , months ago, hypotyroidism symptoms, since 1 1/2 months ago tests indicate she might be going towards HYPERtyroidism. She is experiencing hot flashes and also when she is too warm her itch gets worse.

Anyone having had tyroid issues as well and might want to share something I could tell her?

Thanks :)

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Hello christina I have underactive thyroid as well as pbc I also have aneimia and fibromyralgia all autoimune conditions .Regular blood tests keep an eye on my thyroid the results are just under boaderline at the moment i found that i have gained quite a lot weight due to this and i do get the hot flushes your friend describes but suffer mainly tiredness and this is proberbly to do more with the pbc than the thyroid .



I was tested for Hyperparathyroidism as my calcium levels are high but the consultant looked back on previous blood tests and realised that I had always had high calcium levels and this was peculiar to me. I also have much fatigue and am sure this is the PBC


I have had an under active thyroid for years and vitiligo which are both autoimmune conditions. Diagnosed with PBC/AIH overlap syndrome in 2011. I now have 4 autoimmune conditions and they say that once you have one you are at greater risk of having more. I take thyroxine for my under active thyroid and this seems to keep my bloods level. As poppygail said regular bloods wil keep an eye on the levels. At the end of the day I am more tired with the PBC/AIH than I am with the thyroid as this is well under control and my thyroid levels are the same as everyone else's. Good luck. x


I just went today for the results of my sugar/cholesterol check. They were both ok but apparently the thyroid test was out. Have to have it rechecked in another 3 months.


Yes I have PBC with probable AIH overlap syndrome. I have an underactive thyroid, which is well medicated. As Jtxx says, once you get an autoimmune condition, some others can appear, as I also have Raynaud's too.

Cholesterol has been off the richter scale in the past and now I'm wondering if this is probably PBC related too??


I have an undersctive thyroid as well as PBC and thalaseamia B trait which is an inherited problem, which means my HB level is low which doesn't help with the tiredness and the tiredness also with the PBC. Get regular blood test and check up's and you should be fine.


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