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Is this B12 related? (High blood levels!)


I have always had high b12 and now high folate levels in my blood... This confuses me as I have all the symptoms of a deficiency. Maybe I have an absorption problem?

The doctors will not listen and i just don't know where to go from here. My high levels are not concerning my doctors at all and she just shrugs and says well you have plenty in your blood so there is no problem! (even though high b12 levels can indicate a few problems such as liver trouble, leukemia etc my doctor still will not seem to realise.... )

My doctor has now referred me to neuro because of hyper reflexes in my legs.... I'm hoping they can find the problem and it is treatable....

My walking is my biggest problem at the moment, I cannot walk far and get so dizzy and weak and numb... its all so difficult right now :(

And today I have an appointment with a gynecology for cervical dysplasia and my main worry is being able to walk into the waiting room :(

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Dear CP, I am not answering your question rather asking one. I have similar problem of PA. Could you please share with me information regarding PA.


Up to 90% of your B12 levels can be inactive. What are your blood levels? This will help me tailor advice. Thanks.



They are 1200 (or they were a few months ago) but will check the folate level again when i find the results but folate was also too high!

I have recently had more blood tests but don't know results yet & am due to see a neuro in Jan....

Thank you xx

I look forward to the active b12 test :)


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