Pernicious Anaemia Society

pernicious Anaemia questions on tv

I was wanting to tell eveyone that the last few weeks there have been some questions on pernicious Aaneamia appreaing in some quiz shows. One was Uinversity Challange and also last week on the weakest link. if you would like to see the episode of University Challange then you can find the link on both our facebook and our twitter pages.

I cant remember which day of last week I saw the quesiton on the Weakest Link so if anyone else saw sore it please let me know so I can find the link so that eveyone can veiw it.

funny thing is thou that on the University Challange the answers where not known. Make me a bit worryed to thing that these could be the G.P's and professers who could be diagnosing suffers in the futuer.

I think the medical pofessions still have lots to learn


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