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Dr Disaster?

So visited Dr today to discuss why my loading doses have depleted so quickly he had no idea, agreed to early jab and the possibility of receiving them monthly he then withdrew this after consulting with another Dr, I was so upset now informs me I can't have anymore injections until I see a specialist 4-6 wk wait which takes me over my 3 months :-( referred to a metabolic consultant.

Totally confused and extremely upset

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Sorry to hear that. GP's don't like to go outside their "norm" without advice sadly.



They won't find out anything new by referring you to any specialists, the fact is, you have B12 deficiency and you're not receiving enough B12. The loading doses are not designed to last, they are purely used to quickly repair any neurological damage that has occurred. The levels will deplete quickly as B12 is water-soluble and removed in the urine, this is why such frequent top-ups are required. Trying to convince a GP to give you more frequent injections is a battle you will almost never win i'm afraid. The only alternative is to go private and this is the path most have to go down. If you'd like the details of a private doctor, please call. It's not as expensive as you might imagine. Legally we have to tell you that we do not recommend this alternative treatment and your GP is the best person to advise you.

Best Wishes,



Thanks Ken

I'm totally stressed out by it all, tired and tearful,I've never really felt much improvement but now feel like I did when I was diagnosed.once again my Dr called today to tell me there was no benefit in me receiving my injection early.

Seeing Private Consultant next Saturday my Dr assures me that they will follow her instructions?? Believe when I see it.


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