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How is it possible to me aneamic as well as Pernicious aneamic

Hi i have pernicious aneamia and have been diagnosed for about 2yrs 6months. Recently i have also been diagnosed as aneamic. I am being referred back to hospital for further testing. I have very low BP no appetite, eat very little and have been severly constipated for years. My dr asked if there was any bowel cancer in the family cancer yes but not bowel. I feel that since i have been diagnosed with pernicious its just one symptom after another. Is anyone else developing more symptoms?

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Hi Kazcon,

Its just one of the things that can happen with PA..Gastric problems seem very common, other anaemia's can result and or co-exist say..Patients with PA usually have low stomach acidety, this can result in bad uptake of iron, or others become also folate def over time etc..

Its good you are getting further investigations as with having PA you are at increased risk of certain gastric cancers, see:

Gastric secretions: total gastric secretions are reduced to approximately 10% of the reference range; most patients have achlorhydria and absent intrinsic factor.

Gastroscopy: this is appropriate on diagnosis to confirm gastric atrophy and exclude gastric cancer and polyps.23 Gastric cancer is two to three times more common in patients with pernicious anaemia than in matched controls.14

When to refer1

Referral to a gastroenterologist should be considered for any patient with pernicious anaemia who has gastric symptoms and/or co-existent iron deficiency. Patients with pernicious anaemia have a 2-3 times increased incidence of gastric carcinoma and gastric polyps compared with matched controls.

I hope this helps,

KInd regards,



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