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Severe Palpitations (Ectopic Heartbeats) - is this related to my Pernicious Anaemia?

Newly diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia (following low B12 levels and subsequent endoscopy), I am very fortunate to have a GP who has listened to me and - as a result of a variety of symptoms - I am now on 2 monthly injections.... However, neither she or my Cardiologist or my Gastroenterologist believe that PA is responsible for the debilitating Ectopic Heartbeats I've been suffering since March. I've had thorough tests on my heart and there is nothing wrong with it... 'functionally & structurally' normal.

I strongly suspect that the PA is responsible and strangely enough, I had a completely ectopic-free afternoon & evening, the day after my last injection... It felt amazing! It only lasted about 36 hours but, overall, my heart does feel a little better now and I had another 'free' day a couple of days ago!

My question is: Does anyone else have any experience of these horrible ectopic beats? Is it connected to PA? Is it worth me labouring the point with my GP and trying to get even more injections or should I consider myself lucky to be having them every two months?

I have just ordered some patches from Amazon so am hoping that in between injections these may help?

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Yes, used to get them all the time when I was very sick 20 years ago. I was dxd with CFS then but now am sure it was B12d.

Got them again more significantly over the last 18 months as my B12d symptoms have got worse again - same as yours plus others but without tinnitus.

Heart much better again now I'm doing daily jabs & take sublinguals plus supporting supplements (multivitamins and lots of extra folic acid and potassium).

You might just need more B12 & the BSCH guidelines say alternate days until no symptoms. Hydroxo jabs packet leaflet says that or daily jabs.

Good luck! Denise

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Did you have your ferritin level checked? I have been through exactly the same with palpilations, chest pain and shortage of breath, which seem to worsen when I´m under 75 ug in ferritin... Was also examined by cardio with the same conclusions.

I have to take Floradix daily in order no to loose my iron up (ferritin)

All the best!


I also had them with iron deficiency anaemia.


I used to get palpitations before I was diagnosed B12 deficient. Had all the run of the mill tests all came back clear and like you was then given the jabs. I still get the occasional palpitation but nothing on the scale it was. I started self injecting last week as I can't get them more than 3 monthly

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Thank you all... This is very reassuring. I know I've been iron deficient in the past and was borderline again shortly before all this started so will ask for ferritin levels to be checked again... It's such a minefield and I want to tread carefully without alienating myself from my doctor but maybe self injection is also something for me to explore... x


Yes, and strangely they got worse on methylcobalamin and methylfolate. They are better with hydroxocobalamin.

I think anemia can put stress on the heart and lead to enlargement in severe cases.

If the shots help you, then I would say push to get what you feel you need. If a form of b12 is getting you successful relief, then keep at it:)

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I used to have this despite never being anaemic. I have not had any in over a year since starting B12 injections. I went to GP a couple of times over a few years about this and they said it was normal but did not refer me for investigation.

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