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Which hospital dept looks after PA patients?

I attend endocrine clinic to monitor my thyroid function. At a recent appt the doc told me my B12 was very low and that he would write to my gp and get him to action B12 injections. I'm curious as to which dept PA patients normally sit under. It didn't seem as if endocrine wanted to 'own' this aspect of my treatment.

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It is usually a Haematologist who oversees the care and treatment of a patient with Pernicious Anaemia. However, the root cause of the condition is to be found in the stomach - Intrinsic Factor Antibodies.


ive had b12 deficiency -diagnosed for three years or so. I am not under any hospital dept. just injections at gp about to start oral b12 Let me know how you go


Has your gp diagnosed you with PA or just said that you are b12 deficient. Am curious that you're being given oral b12 as I understand that with PA you can't absorb b12 via the stomach as intrinsic factor is needed and this is missing with PA. I've just asked my gp to check my bloods to see what my b12 levels are like following the start of my injections in July as I'm curious to see if my levels are still showing an increase on original low level.


hi. my gp wont test b12 levels as the are meant to be high whilst getting jags apparently..


I visited my gp where he advised my level for B12 was 612. A vast improvement on my original score. I'm not due to have another injection until Oct (3mths) but I discussed with gp the various symptoms I was having and he's agreed for me to have another injection next week (2mths). I did query whether he had heard from the hospital re the parietal cell test result so I'd know whether I had anti bodies to intrinsic factor. No news but gp wasn't bothered and said it wasn't important as I was having the injections.

I explained that it was important to me. I've had several auto immune problems and need to know if this is yet another occurrence. Doc also dismissed Active and Inactive B12 when I tried to introduce this topic into the conversation! Said the only figure to concern me was the 612.


Heamatology concerns the blood aspect with PA it seems, then neurology if you have neurological problems, such as balanse issues etc, then gastro department if you have (and are iron def etc) gastric problems is what I understand. Thyroid is seperate again as you know..


Thanks Marre.



It's great fun when you have a host of the Endo/Auto Immune need to be your own medical

I currently see the Endo for Thyroid, a Gastro for Malabsorbtion problems (Iron Defficiency, Low Folate) and a haemo off and on for IGA paraprotein anomalies.

So far not been referred back to Haemo for B12 since diagnosis 10 years ago and even then they were a fat lot of use. Didn't recommend loading doses...just the jab every 3 months.

Since then I have badgered my GP (significant B12 crashes over past 2 years) and am now on jabs every 6 weeks.

I am also due to see a Neurologist for Trigeminal Neuralgia. So far I've been told by GP and a Neuro that it IS NOT linked to B12......but and its a BIG but...I'm not having any of will be going to the appointment armed and "dangerous" lol....thanks to the PAS society.



I've never seen anyone other than my gP. I have pa, under active thyroid, on tablets for iron levels being low and have in the past needed colic acid to maintain folate levels. Should I have seen specialist departments? I've had pa for 5yrs diagnosed, I've just turned 28


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