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Apologies To Those Waiting for Replies, Responses to Mails etc - Break in Service for a Wee While

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Hi All

Just by way of an apology to those who are waiting for responses, replies to mails etc. from me.

Bit of a lupus flare going on so I need to grab some doing nothing time - hopefully just a couple of days.

So, not ghosting anyone (wanted to say that 'cause I've just found out it’s a 'thing' )😳.

Back in a bit x

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Do hope you will feel better soon. Struggling too…. Life. Take care. xx

Take your time, always look after yourself then you can look after others. Hope you will be well enough soon.♥️

Sorry to hear this, recharge and take it easy.Lifes no fun when we battle on regardless of our own ailments.

Get well soon.

Wishing you well soon. Come back when ready x

Sorry to hear that Foggyme let’s hope it’s a speedy recovery for you not a long drawn out flare,thinking of you take care xx

You're much in mind, Foggyme. Take time - sending good wishes.

Thank you for your message!

It's good that we appreciate some of the things you admins are going through as well as B12d and general life - as just words on a screen it can be hard for some to appreciate the bigger picture and the humanity behind the cryptic names on here.

I mean, it's not as if you've had anything going on over the last week or so to trigger a flare, is it? 😜

I'm very, very sorry things have taken their toll on you but it is understandable to the point of being almost inevitable, isn't it? Nothing is worth feeling more ill over but hopefully things will improve and one source of pressure will be behind you.

So pleased to hear you're taking time out to look after yourself - sending love and care and best wishes for a gentle recovery. x

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Get well soon foggy🌻🌻🌻

Take time to look after you and everyone will be please to hear from you again when you feel better.!

Best wishes , look after yourself xx

I was just diagnosed with Lupus and all new to me. Do we have to follow a special diet? Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks so much for your sharing. From anyone. Get better soon.

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lynxis in reply to Liyaelize

I don't have lupus but do have multiple autoimmune conditions. Many people find it very helpful to follow the autoimmune protocol (AIP) and have found improvement or even remission with it. For a very scientific explanation, check out Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's book "The Paleo Approach" or for a simpler guide I like "The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook" by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. (All 3 of those authors also have autoimmune disease.)

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Liyaelize in reply to lynxis

Thanks so much. It didn't work out for me. Too high in greens and oxalate.

Feel better soon!

Thinking of you. Hope you feel better soon. You are appreciated. ❤️

Get well soon x💕

Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for everything you do.

Hope you are on the mend soon

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