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Not a question.. mini healthcare rant!


So I had the need to get in touch with my doctors yesterday. I have to complete an e-consult and then a ‘clinician’ calls before deciding whether you can see or speak to a GP. I was not calling about anything related to my vitamin B12 deficiency.

The women who called me had an attitude off the bat and said ‘I see you have a vitamin b12 deficiency’ then tutted and said ‘so you’re one of those vegans or vegetarians then’

Her tone was so condescending so I told her that no I’m not either, never have been and suggested she do a little research next time.

She then started attacking me saying ‘well if that’s the case, why haven’t you been having your injections then?!’

I haven’t missed an injection since I was diagnosed 6 years ago and my next one is due next month. I said to her that it’s quite concerning that you don’t know that your surgery gave me my last injection in January!

I came off the call so frustrated and angry when all I was trying to do was speak to my GP about an injury I have that I’ll be having surgery on shortly 😩

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That is really worrying What on earth is happening at the surgery ? Was the enquirer a doctor or what? Did she say who she was ? I also had an unfortunate experience when trying to speak to a doctor . The doctor i eventually spoke to was very off hand and dismissive . i had to scrape the pennies together and see a private GP .

it left me a bit traumatised . i hardly ever see my doctor . I feel that so many people are being put off from trying to see their doctor , that there will be some serious health repercussions .

Nackapan in reply to wedgewood

Yrs its happening.

Depression on the rise as no one getting access to discuss health concerns

Inappropriate non qualified medical staff seemingly triaging.??

I had a bad experience last two visits fir IM b12.

Backlog if specialist appointments. I've been waiting over a yesr.

Woukd actually pay but dint know where to start for a Neuro Opthalomogist. Dont even know if correct referral yet?

A neurologist and gp straight forward.

It seems urgent referrals happening for cancer screening g.

Some people have died as too scared to go into hospitals.

I think being left traumatised is happening too often.

No one should fear approaching a medic.

Or be worried about their responses.

Its so damaging .

So unnecessary

My mum wont go now she says it's a waste of time and sets her back.

She also says manners and decency gone.

Shes 91 so seen alot.

We need to ve able to trust and have continuity. Its actually nice to actually be recognised and not to tepeat the whole story every time only then to run out of time.

All not time efficient seen by a different person every time.

I do try and see the same gp.

Not seen for 14 m.

Dentists are working so do not understand why so so difficult to get access.

wedgewood in reply to Nackapan

I agree 100% .

Kazania in reply to wedgewood

Couldn’t agree more

Hi Lynsey24782,

That is not good! After having a similar experience with my surgery, the doctor's attitude was fairly condescending and not helpful at all and I was very upset and angry afterwards.

Now if I need to contact my doctor I do it by letter and this has resulted in a much better outcome, where for example I have been sent for blood tests, whereas before I was getting nowhere.

If that was someone on the reception and not a doctor, they shouldn't have spoken to you like that. If you feel in a position to I would make a polite complaint though that could also make the situation worse for you.

If you have enough time before your surgery, I would leave it a few days and try to speak with another gp. If that fails then put your concerns in a letter. I also send a copy to the practice manager.

Take care and good luck with the surgery.

JanCymru in reply to Hedgeree

It's a jolly good idea to write to the surgery, they are duty-bound then to admit the letter to your notes under law, so that ensures that there is a record of your request. It's a sad state of affairs learning of the problems everyone is having at the moment with general practice surgeries. I have the same problem, rarely go to see a GP, (surgery taken into special measure about three years ago, and only 'runs' on a round of locum GPs now), only attend for my B12 jabs, and when you really need them they just aren't there for you. I know the health service has been struggling but we're really going to see some serious health repercussions over the next years and beyond. What a mess!

Please feedback on a website called 'i want great care' also complain to your local primary care Trust.

Primary Care Trusts no longer exist, and have not done so for some time.

Sorry, old school CCG now

CCGs were never intended to deal with complaints about practices, such as PCTs were able to do. With CCGs it's a bit like marking your own homework since they are mainly composed of GPs. It was supposed to be the area team from NHS England, I am not clear really who actually deals with it

Two words- Formal Complaint.

Whether she was a receptionist,healthcare assistant, nurse or GP it is totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

Mini rant over!

This boils my blood, its the same in Ireland but some GPs will see you face to face and some wont. over here we have to pay 60 euro to the GP and they still expect 60 euro for a telephone consult, no obs taken, no physical exam, its robbery and if you need a prescription its 25 euro.

I work in a busy hospital and have done during this pandemic, we are still doing emergency surgery, endoscopes and running a dental clinic, if effective Infection prevention and Control measures are in place there is no reason to not see patients in a GP practice. And FYI dental procedures are aerosol generating procedures and deemed higher risk and are still happening.

I SI for my PA as i couldn't be dealing with the GP in the current climate!

Sorry about the rant but its plain wrong, what happened to duty of care to patients?

Kazania in reply to shellk

Every sympathy, something is really going wrong.

I sympathise completely. Something has gone seriously wrong with GP practices. Mine constantly tells patients to use the online system, yet when you do the message is ring the surgery, when you do that, the phones lines are blocked, for training, or lack of staff, or Vaccination appointments (this one I understand). Just getting a prescription which is not on repeat is torture. I could go on but I’ll only get wound up, definitely not good for my health. So, total sympathy. I wish you well with your surgery. Keep well.

CherylclaireForum Support

So, either wrong for being a vegetarian or vegan- or else wrong for not having your B12 injections ?

Bit judgemental.

I didn't realise that being vegan/ vegetarian was such a crime.

If vegans/ vegetarians don't know that they are at risk of getting dietary B12 deficiency, it doesn't warrant an aggressive attitude. Lack of information is all that is.

So perhaps the fault really lies with the NHS for not making that clear.

I'd never even heard of B12 five years ago when told I was B12 deficient. I wasn't given any more information than that I needed to book 6 injections with the nurse. No-one was interested in my diet then. I've been a vegetarian for forty years.

If that is/was the reason, why did it take 40 years to get deficient ?

Why did I not get better immediately after loading dose ?

Why did I get much worse on one injection every 3 months ?

Why was MMA still raised for three years after injections started ?

Why do I still need frequent B12 injections five years later ?

Perhaps it's not the reason after all, then.

Well, that's my own personal rant added...

Perhaps, when you eventually do get through to a real GP, you can make a complaint about whoever it was triaging that day (receptionist ?)

- if it doesn't cut too far into your 10 minutes !

Many practices now have what are called 'Care Navigators' who are supposedly trained to work out who is the best person in the practice for you see. For example some have self referral to physiotherapy, or podiatry, or a particular GP who specialises in particular issues, but that would be for a new presenting issue.

If you put on the e-consult who you wanted to see and why, I cannot see why you should you should have to go through all that process. I think you should write to the Practice Manager, explain what happened, ask how this process is supposed to work, and ask why you were unable to the speak to the person you wanted to, about the issue you had asked to speak about

These days in the UK I'm sure we all have experienced the modern age of GP practices. Long are the days when the GP came to your house if you were ill. Today I don't even know who my official GP is. I have to say though in A & E this year I was extremely well treated and impressed.

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